Welcome to iServeU API documentation section. As we detailed here, this API document sample is about providing all the right resources to help end users understand, and successfully work with the API. When you’re using any API project or integrating APIs in a product, this information makes it easy to understand and provides clarity on the products. Let’s take a look at some of the product features that can help you get started.


It is a system that simplifies e-banking and online payment systems and allows you to transfer funds instantly via your mobile phone. We help you make it easy to use UPI payment gateway and UPI APIs to allow UPI payments in your application.


This API is used to transfer funds from the client’s account to the beneficiary account providing one mode of payment IMPS. Payout provides solutions for vendors, customers, and partners. Just experience seamless payment and fast API Integration.

Penny Drop API:

This API includes information on the Payee Name Validation used for validating account numbers for a beneficiary and fetches the account details, which can be used to validate the account holder's name. The account validation process will be done instantly through IMPS Penny drop which is much faster than other services and assures you a greater beneficiary name validation success rate.


The IMPS lite APIs are used for Domestic Money Transfer, allowing instant money transfers, transaction status service, and transaction enquiry anytime and anywhere. These APIs offer customers a simple, secure, and instant way to send money.


It is a kind of payment system that is based on a Unique Identification Number and enables financial transactions by Aadhar-based authentication effortlessly. You can transfer funds, deposit/withdraw cash, make payments, and much more. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System API is the best solution for Rural India.

Micro ATM (MATM):

Micro ATMs is card swipe machine through which banks can connect to their core banking system remotely. This device will help your customers to have direct access to their bank account, and banking services like Cash Withdrawal, Balance Enquiry, mini statement etc.


This device effectively utilizes the features and the APIs to ensure seamless transactions. iServeU Technology offers the most complex APIs to a common data model to speed up integration and flexibility that meets your business needs and new customer trends.

Sound Box API:

The Sound Box API permits the use of a small portable speaker that is internally linked to the mobile device via software. When your mobile network is connected to the internet and someone credits you for the products or services you purchased, an audio notice on the speaker will notify you that the money has been received.

PAN Verification:

Our PAN (Permanent Account Number) verification API enables businesses and developers in India to validate the legitimacy and data of an individual's PAN card. The Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric identifier issued by the Income Tax Department of India that is required for various financial and tax-related operations.

Agent Onboarding:

Our Agent On-boarding APIs are designed to facilitate the onboarding process for agents or representatives, typically within the customer service or support context. This API can be used to automate and streamline the process of adding new agents to a system, providing them with the necessary tools, permissions, and resources to start interacting with customers or clients effectively