UPI API Developer Guide, UPI Developer Guide


It is a system that simplifies e-banking and online payment systems, allows you to transfer funds instantly via your mobile phone.

Pay out API Developer Guide, Pay out Developer Guide

Payout API

This API is used for the transfer of funds from the client’s account to the beneficiary account providing one mode of payment IMPS.

Penny Drop API Developer Guide, Penny Drop API Developer Guide

Penny Drop API

The Penny Drop API is simple and reliable API that allows a merchant to validate the beneficiary bank account by using their  banking credentials.



The APIs used in DMT(Domestic Money Transfer) offer customers an easy, safe, secure, and instant way to send money, also helpful for  people.

AEPS API Developer Guide, AEPS Developer Guide

AePS SDK (Android)

It is a kind of payment system that allows payments using Unique Identification Numbers provided to Aadhaar cardholders to make financial transactions.

AEPS WEB SDK API Developer Guide, AEPS WEB SDK API Developer Guide


AePS web SDK contains the information to develop a portal for the Web application and give solutions to the merchants, and customers to perform banking transactions seamlessly.

MATM SDK API Developer Guide, MATM SDK API Developer Guide

mATM SDK  (Android)

This SDK provides the details of our expertly tailored SDK that ensures effective usage of the different mATM features. The SDK details helps you build customized applications using the functionality provided by us.

mATM WEB SDK API Developer Guide, mATM WEB SDK Developer Guide


Our web SDK provides detailed information about various layers of web functionality and includes a large number of typical customization scenarios with easy-to-understand steps that clarify the comprehensive range of tasks possible.


POS SDK (Android)

The POS SDK includes detailed information that will be used to configure and utilize the POS functionalities. Our SDK enables effective operation and the APIs ensure a secure POS transaction.

Soundbox  API Developer Guide, Soundbox API Developer Guide

Soundbox API

This API details provide the information that will be used to configure the API to play payment alerts on soundbox devices.

Pan Verification API Developer Guide, Pan Verification API Developer Guide

Pan Verification API

This API details facilitate the validation of the PAN details of individuals before you onboard them or proceed with any transaction.


Agent Onboarding API Developer Guide, Agent Onboarding API Developer Guide

Agent Onboarding API

This Onboarding API help you to use the configuration for managing and creating of the Agent by the boarding endpoints.